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Based in Cranbrook, Daniel Forbes provides legal services to persons charged with Criminal or Regulatory offences in south-east British Columbia. Call or e-mail to find out what Daniel can do for you.

Individuals with limited finances may be eligible for services through Legal Aid.

Daniel first became a lawyer in 2011 in Alberta. Daniel has a variety of legal experience, and prefers to practice Criminal Law.

As a Crown Prosecutor for the Government of Saskatchewan, Daniel gained experience assessing and prosecuting thousands of Criminal Code offences in Saskatchewan courts, and obtained in-depth knowledge of police and prosecution tactics.

As a general practice Associate Lawyer for Lennon & Barlow, Daniel obtained a broad variety of legal experience, including assisting many individuals prepare wills, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, adjust child support payments, and complete uncontested divorces. During this time Daniel developed a significant practice in Criminal Defence, and appeared in court several times each week representing individuals charged with a wide variety of crimes.

Daniel Forbes was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and completed his law degree in 2010 at the University of Saskatchewan.

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